Balcony Safety Nets

 A balcony is a space that gives us a feeling of freedom. In this busy and compact metropolitan lifestyle, away from the crowd, we can spend here our best times holding a cup of coffee in the lap of our green small plants.

However, sometimes it also gives us unwanted tension and risks for our kids and pets. And some times you can easily be disturbed by unwanted birds that can be fully mess up of your peacetime.

GCM Safety Nets in Kolkata has the best idea for getting rid off from these unwanted tensions and risks without losing your precious feeling of freedom.

We produce, sell and fix the best and premium quality of Balcony Safety Nets in Kolkata, which gives shielding to your kids and pets going out onto the display alone. These exhibition security screens also protect you and your open spaces from unwanted Birds.


Bird Protection Nets

 Anti bird nets are generally used in agricultural field. They help in protecting the crops from insects and pests. If the attack of pests increase, the crops can be severely affected and reduce the outcome from cultivation. This may lead to financial loss and cause a major loss to the yield. Thus the anti bird net will be an effective solution to stop the insects, birds, cattle and other grazing animals to intrude into the area of cultivation.

 GCM Safety Nets in Kolkata also provide quality solutions in apartments and communities. These anti bird nets will be an effective solution for preventing the animals and birds to intrude into the residential and commercial area. Anti bird nets provide effective solutions for all kind of animals and birds in the buildings and offices, where there is need of hygiene and safety. The material used in building is qualitative and come in several patterns.

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Construction Safety Nets

 The most happening thing on this earth is construction and it is the place where thousands of workers are toiling hard to build the structure. In this situation, it becomes the responsibility of the management to provide the required safety solution to the workers and prevent any unwanted accident to happen on the site. GCM Safety Nets in Kolkata manufacture construction safety nets that help workers who toil at great heights and have risk of losing life.

Construction safety nets are in very much demand due to the highest rate of industrialization and urban development that is going on in today’s era. These nets serve multiple purposes like preventing from falling down, saving several precious things from falling down, preventing animals and birds to enter the construction site, loss of life and property and prevent debris from entering into the premises.